The SEEDS project continues the research of Lorenzo Gaetani around the forms of nature.
A collection of seeds with unusual shapes, have been photographed, veined in color and enlarged out of scale. Daring combinations of shapes, colors and supports trigger a new attention to perceiving: seeds of Xanthium Spinosum, Uncarina Grandidieri, Tambourissa Purpurea, Scaphium Macropodum, Mascagnia Macroptera, Lunaria Annua and many others are reproduced out of format on black tents of nautical polyester and tiles of stoneware in a linguistic experimentation that affirms the value of a creative relationship with the world. Lorenzo Gaetani with these works on one side offers us a vision of things free, affirmative, not a prisoner of cages that impoverish the wealth of fruitive and perceptive potential of the observer, but on the other is an architect and wants to investigate the application of graphics as a decoration on industrial materials, placing the material in relief for itself, recognized in its specificity in a whirl of chromatic games.
Barbara Carneglia